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Our Top 3 Pre-Winter Checks for your Central Heating

Winter is almost here.

Find below our top essential pre-winter checks:

Use Radiators

If your radiators are currently blocked by furniture, why not consider rearranging your rooms especially for the winter. You may think placing your seating next to a radiator may seem like a good idea to keep warm, but actually it may prevent the heat from circulating around the room. Even a couple of inches away from the radiator will help the air circulate. It will also help prevent any heat damage to furniture.

If your radiators don’t already have TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) then why not consider installing them to help you control the temperature of each room.


Check your home for Draughts

Checking for draughts and blocking them is an effective and cheap way to keep your home warm.

Cold air may enter your home through gaps around yours doors and windows, which will result in you turning up the heating or keeping it on for longer. Reducing draughts will help reduce your energy bills.

You can use simple draught excluders to block cold air from entering under doors, or purchase draught proof strips.


Check your Insulation

Ensuring that your home is insulated before the commencement of winter can help prevent the warmth from escaping. Check your loft for existing insulation.

Thicker curtains and keeping them closed will help prevent heat leaving through the windows. You can also place rugs on any non carpeted surfaces to help trap in the heat.