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Ideal Boilers Common Fault Codes

Ideal Boiler maintenance is needed more than ever during the winter months.

Read below where we explain how you can beat the cold and stay warm.


I think I have a Frozen Pipe

As we approach the freezing temperatures it is important to ensure that you have pipe insulation around your pipes, especially if they are in hard to reach places. If you do have a L2 fault code and a frozen pipe that is reachable (below the waist), please do the following:

Lightly tap the condensate pipe outside to see if you can find where the blockage is. When you find it.

  • Boil the kettle full of water
  • Add some cold water to the hot water in a jug, so that the water is warm. Pour over the area you located to start defrosting the blockage.
  • You can also put a hot water bottle over the pipe to help defrost.


I have an L2 Code

If you have a pay-as-you-go gas meter and run out of gas, you may see an L2 error displayed on the boiler. If this happens peoples top up your gas with your top up card. Next restart the boiler and it should clear the fault code off.


My Touch Connect isn’t paired to my boiler

If you have replaced the batteries in your thermostat or had a power cut. The boiler may have become unpaired from your thermostat. If so – Place the Touch Connect close to your boiler then insert new batteries. Leave it to sync for 10 – 15 minutes and this should sort the problem out.


I think my boiler is leaking water

If you experience water dripping from your boiler, you don’t have to be alarmed. It could be as simple as a frozen pipe and the water is backed up. If this isn’t the case you can follow the below:

If the leak is small you may not need to isolate the boiler. Simply putting a container down the catch the water and calling an engineer to fix.

If the leak is causing damage people check your manual on how to isolate your boiler or use the stop tap and call an engineer.


I think I smell gas

If you think you smell gas, you need to act STRAIGHT AWAY. Firstly turn the gas off and open all the windows and doors to the property. If you have animals and children, evacuate them from the property immediately. Do not use anything in the house and call 0800 111 999, the emergency gas service. They will arrange someone to come to your property within 3 hours to make sure the area is safe.


How do I bleed a radiator

If your feeling cold in your home, this may be because you have air in your radiators. This will make it cold at the top and hot at the bottom. If this is so, you need to bleed them. You can do this by ensuring the heating is turned off and the system is cool. Using a radiator key and a towel open the vale slightly until the air is out of the system. After doing this ensure the pressure gauge on the boiler is between 1-1.5 bar.